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Walk 2: Wilderbrook Lane, Crowtrees Farm and Dannah Farm.

Dannah Farm Luxury Accommodation Derbyshire Dales Peak District
Walk 2
AA 5 stars

Luxury accommodation in the heart of the Derbyshire Dales, on the southern fringes of the Peak District.
Dannah Farm
Bowmans Lane
Shottle, Nr Belper
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Walk 2: Wilderbrook Lane, Crowtrees Farm and Dannah Farm.


Distance: Approx.     2 ½ Miles

Time: Approx.            1 ½ hours

Description:          A relatively short, circular walk along a ridge between Shottle and Alderwasley with good views down to Shottle and Dannah Farm.  Small amount of moderate uphill walking incorporating part of the Midshires Way.  Can be very wet under foot, even in summer due to springs so we recommend sound, watertight footwear. Notes in Italics are brief descriptions of what you might see on the way.

Walk 2: Wilderbrook Lane, Crowtrees Farm and Dannah Farm


Turn left out of the drive and head down Bowmans Lane.  Ignore the lane leading off right and continue down hill to the left, on top of the hill you will pass by a house on the left (the boarding kennels).  Celandines in spring, Rosebay willowherb in summer.  Yellow hammer, pheasant.


A Carry on down hill.  In a dip before the bend to the right there is a footpath signpost on the left marked “Midshires Way”.  Follow the arrow over the stile into the field (wet under foot). Alders.


Initially follow the low stonewall on your right then, cutting off the corner at the stream, climb over the gap stile in the stone wall to the left of the telegraph pole.


Turn to your left and keep the stone wall immediately to your left.  Follow the yellow arrow up the field.  Sometimes horses in this field.


Make your way towards a metal gate at the top of the field to the right.  On the left of the gate climb over the Stone gap stile.  Gorse holly foxgloves.  Behind you to the right are good views down to Ecclesbourne valley. Nethernook Farm on the right.


Go through three more stiles, all directly ahead of you and in line with one another.


Head for post with way markers on it. Away to the right in the distance is Crich Stand.


Head for next gap stile and pass through it.  Ahead of you is Alport Heights with its radio masts. Below it is our wood.


B Head for the next gap stile ahead of you, go through, you will pass Crowtrees Farm on the left.  Dannah Farm is away to the left in the near distance.  Go over the next stile ahead.


C Head towards a gateway in the stone wall with way markers on it, go through this. (From this point you will no longer follow the Midshires Way.)


Make for the tumbled down stonewall on the far left, towards the section that is beyond the large ash trees.  You will find a small gap stile as you draw nearer with a wooden stile behind it. Hares.


Once though the gap, head for two large holly bushes on the right following the line of the wall to the right. At the corner of the field, climb over the low section of wall,

 then through the next stile. (Very wet under foot).


Follow the line of the hedge on the right, then cross the wooden stile ahead of you. (Very wet underfoot). To left is small pond with wild watercress. Curlew, meadow pipit, skylark.


D Go across a spring keep straight ahead with the fence to you right.  You will see the Farm away to the left.  Cross another spring.  Go through the next gap stile. On the right over the wall is a medieval earthwork, this is thought to be the remains of a royal hunting lodge.


Head right diagonally across the field, please go round the edge if the field is planted with a crop, heading for the stile in the corner to the left of the barn.  In summer swallows nest in the barn.


E Once over this stile, go over stile to the right and onto the lane, Turn left down Bowman’s Lane and back to Dannah Farm.