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“looks amazing till you look closer”

Dannah Farm Luxury Accommodation Derbyshire Dales Peak District
AA 5 stars

Luxury accommodation in the heart of the Derbyshire Dales, on the southern fringes of the Peak District.
Dannah Farm
Bowmans Lane
Shottle, Nr Belper
Derbyshire DE56 2DR
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We have been offering accommodation to guests since 1986 – a lifetime – and the hardest lesson we have had to learn is that it is simply not possible to please everyone all the time, or indeed have a fully functioning Dannah Farm perfect at all times on every occasion. Most of our wonderful guests know this and generously forgive our lapses! We really, genuinely, do try our very best to please and hopefully are able to give our guests a wonderful stay with memories to cherish.
Reviews are both terrific and terrifying at the same time! It’s a heart stopping moment when we see a new review has been published – did they like us – were we helpful/friendly/in the middle of a domestic???? Then - having made the decision to put reviews on our own website – should we just put on the good ones – include the not so good – banish the awful?? The decision is taken – we will go for “the good, the bad and the ugly” and let our guests – past, present and future decide for themselves!!!!
We have decided not to reply to individual reviews, believing it could be perceived as confrontational, of course we read them all, and really do welcome your thoughts, taking  notice of all the points you raise – good and bad! (For some of the issues which raise their head from time to time, e.g., charges for corkage an explanation can be found on our FAQ's page).
And finally, a heartfelt thank you to those who take the time and trouble to tell us what a lovely time they had, along with a genuine apology to those for whom the experience was not all they would have hoped for.


“looks amazing till you look closer”

Sep 15 2012
What our guests have to say >>

hi i stayed in the red room 12th september 2012 for 2 nights and 1 day in spa cabin for my 1 year wedding anniversary. on my arrival i was greeted by a young lady and oldish man i was shown to my room by the lady who refused to carry my bags up the stairs with me being 4 months pregnant and carrying my 5 month old son in my arms i was not able to my husband was on hand to juggle all our belongings....
as i open door to the red room its look amazing stunning bed i felt like i was in heaven going into the bathroom it was alson stunning apart from cobwebs on right hand side to toilet and also broken tiles on wall with cerment filing it at the price of the room i would not exspect this!! it was alson brought to my attention that the bed frame was VERY!! dusty once again for the privce of the room this is not good.
dannah farm did provide a cot for my 5 month old son witch i had to assemble myself ... during the night i got upto check on my son he was very cold his hands and face tryed to put heating on radiators not warming up so i did use air con on heat but was very noisey so did not have much sleep that night then i was awoken 8am ish to barking dogs witch i later saw locked in the back of a van outside kitchen didnt not get to have breakfast this morning as lack of sleep due to air con and dogs !! second morning i was awoke by dogs again and cleaners cleaning oposite room did not get to have breakfast again.

a women called my room to annouce spa cabin was avalible wen i was ready great was really looking forward to a nice relax ... my husband went to pray so i was left to pack belongings up and get my son washed and fed i was not able to wash my 5 month old wen he had woke up as there was no longer any hot water in my room i did telephone reception i was told check out was 11.30 i was not checking out just moving room as i was not aware of this time to depart from room as i would have before my husband left to go and pray the lady did say she would put boiler on and was not sure how long it would take to heat up i was confused by this did they have separate boilers for each room hmmmm! confusing i was asked to leave room as they need to clean for next person witch was not a problem i said i would go as soon as my husband arrived as i was not able to move luggage on my own with my son and being 4month pregnant nobody offered me any help to mo9ve rooms i was just informed to put luggage out side of room and take me and myself to cabin and wait for my husband to arrive. entering itno cabin WOW it was stunning outside hot tub steam shower sauna i was happy at this point husband arrived and we enjoyed the day well.... tryed to hot tub was brilliant no complaints relaxing romantic sauna fab too! getting to the shower/steam .. shower was cold while body jets were on foot massage didnt work and alson i was not provided with anywere for my son to nap.

Mr & Mrs Shakoor, Huddersfield