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“Mixed reviews”

Dannah Farm Luxury Accommodation Derbyshire Dales Peak District
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Luxury accommodation in the heart of the Derbyshire Dales, on the southern fringes of the Peak District.
Dannah Farm
Bowmans Lane
Shottle, Nr Belper
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We have been offering accommodation to guests since 1986 – a lifetime – and the hardest lesson we have had to learn is that it is simply not possible to please everyone all the time, or indeed have a fully functioning Dannah Farm perfect at all times on every occasion. Most of our wonderful guests know this and generously forgive our lapses! We really, genuinely, do try our very best to please and hopefully are able to give our guests a wonderful stay with memories to cherish.
Reviews are both terrific and terrifying at the same time! It’s a heart stopping moment when we see a new review has been published – did they like us – were we helpful/friendly/in the middle of a domestic???? Then - having made the decision to put reviews on our own website – should we just put on the good ones – include the not so good – banish the awful?? The decision is taken – we will go for “the good, the bad and the ugly” and let our guests – past, present and future decide for themselves!!!!
We have decided not to reply to individual reviews, believing it could be perceived as confrontational, of course we read them all, and really do welcome your thoughts, taking  notice of all the points you raise – good and bad! (For some of the issues which raise their head from time to time, e.g., charges for corkage an explanation can be found on our FAQ's page).
And finally, a heartfelt thank you to those who take the time and trouble to tell us what a lovely time they had, along with a genuine apology to those for whom the experience was not all they would have hoped for.


“Mixed reviews”

Mar 11 2013
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We recently stayed in the Granary Room for our anniversary. It was a surprise getaway for my Husband so I was a little nervous. This place had been recommended and I had read the reviews 100 times over so maybe I was too-enthusiastic. Don't get me wrong, the place was total peace and quiet and our room was nice except for the fact that we couldn't sit downstairs as the sofa was simply a park bench with a throw-over and the 2 chairs that were located in front of the TV were not the most comfortable, so for the time we wanted watch the TV/DVD's we had to sit on the bed upstairs, which was a shame becuase I had booked for romantic luxury so maybe I chose the wrong room! The hot tub was a nice treat though and the Granary was always warm. The bathroom was full of modern taps and a large walk in shower which was nice and the bed was totally luxurious. No expense had been spared on the bed linen and towels - all John Lewis. However, when I read about being greeted on arrival with home made cakes and tea - that certainly didn't happen! The only time we saw anyone was when our order for breakfast was taken (which was delicious) and when we had to find someone to pay on our departure. Surely for the amount of money we paid, a little meet and greet would not go amiss?

Fordy1205, Nottingham, UK