The Gardens And Grounds of Dannah Farm

Our gardens & grounds are as beautiful and as varied as our interiors

In front of the farmhouse is a delightful large, walled garden, enclosing mature cottage garden borders. Enjoy afternoon tea on the arbour or simply sit on the lawn and watch the butterflies drinking nectar or listen to the bird song. Relax, perhaps with a drink – (or two!) – on a balmy summers evening, and breathe in the heady fragrance of roses, honeysuckle and jasmine.

Another feature, extremely popular with our guests, the Koi pond, is situated by the entrance to the farmhouse, and contains several large colourful fish. Alongside the pond is a series of stone troughs, providing B&B for a large family of common newts and here, skittering about, beautiful iridescent dragonflies can often be spotted. Our medieval moat “The Mottes” is a short stroll up the field and this is a favourite spot to hear the skylarks singing their hearts out on a warm spring afternoon.

We have twice won The Amber Valley “Best Kept” competition for most decorative hotel/guest house in the area, and in addition to the walled garden, we have re-planted the old orchard with a variety of fruit trees including apple, cherry, pear, plum, gooseberry and blackcurrant. Here you will find our  Kune Kune pigs, Wilma and Betty. Why not tempt them out of their cosy ‘pigloo’ with a fallen apple from the orchard or a left over piece of toast from breakfast?