Dannah Farm Country House Ltd. Environmental Statement.

We are privileged to live in such an unspoilt  and beautiful place, on the fringes of Britain’s first designated National Park.  We try to run Dannah Farm in such a way that it had a minimal effect upon our  environment, and listed below are some of the practices we adopt to help us do  this.

  • As farmers, as well as accommodation providers, we are  members of FWAG, (farming and wildlife advisory group), and participate in  DEFRA’s Environmental Stewardship scheme.
  • We support the local economy by using locally sourced  produce wherever possible. Our sausage and black pudding comes from a family  pork butcher in Belper, our bacon and other meat comes from a local  farmer/butcher, milk and yoghurt from Peak District Dairies, and so  on.
  • We bake our own bread, using flour from Caudwells Mill at  Rowsley, make all our own cakes and pastries, and use locally sourced free range eggs.
  • Bottles and cans are re-cycled using the local council’s  doorstep collection, and the town collection points.
  • Green waste is composted.
  • Inkjet printer cartridges are recycled.
  • Encouraging guests to ‘walk from the door’, rather than  driving to the ‘honey pots’ to this end we have devised a series of circular  walks, copies of which are freely available in the main house.
  • Promote local attractions and businesses with an array of  information leaflets.
  • Use local labour, and encourage car sharing among  staff.
  • An on-going program to replace all light bulbs with low  energy types.
  • Thermostatic radiator valves fitted on radiators in guest  bedrooms.
  • On-going policy of replacing windows with double  glazing.
  • Efficient insulation of lofts/pipes/tanks to reduce heat  loss, and conserve energy.
  • ‘A’ rated electrical appliances are purchased to replace  older versions whenever possible.
  • Encouraging biodiversity in the garden where possible, with minimal use of  pesticides, providing nesting boxes and feeders, selective planting to encourage  butterflies, leaving dedicated area’s ‘untidied’, etc.
  • We are hoping to work towards an environmental quality mark.