Dannah Farm offers the perfect Mini-Moon in Derbyshire



Dannah Farm is a truly unique experience, one which we feel is ideal for those seeking out a mini-moon (a small honeymoon in the UK). These short romantic breaks are fast becoming the new thing to do after your wedding. Having your honeymoon in the UK on a short break basis can give you the same memories, the same experiences, and a slightly different outlook over the traditional honeymoon.


Dannah Farm offers oyu a range of truly stunning rooms and suites, with hot tubs, private spa, enclosed terraces, and more. We were recently chosen for a feature in ‘The White Weddings Magazine’ for offering one of the most romantic places to stay in the Derbyshire area. We truly feel that a short stay at Dannah Farm is an exceptional way to spend your first few days together.


The following is an extract from the magazine. Extracted from “White Weddings” Summer/Autumn 2011.

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